Worst Logos Make-overs of Famous Brands

Worst Logos Make-overs of Famous Brands

Rebranding is a process of tweaking or changing logos and other branding elements of a company. Many companies go through this process to make their brand design up-to-date. 

When rebranding is done right, companies not only see dramatic increases in sales but also, expose their brand to an audience that previously wasn’t associated with that company. 

But when it goes wrong, brands often receive negative criticism. This article features some of the worst logo makeovers ever so you can see exactly what not to do when you’re rebranding a company. 

01. London Olympics 2012 

02. Gap

03. USA Today 

04. Tropicana 

05. BP 

06. Airbnb 

07. American Airlines 

08. IHOP 

09. Instagram 

10. Cleveland Indians 


While rebranding may help you refreshen your brand identity and give it a new look so it can attract more customers, not giving a second thought to your brand may cause your company major damage. 

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