Why it is a great time to learn UI/UX design

Why it is a great time to learn UI/UX design

The world is in a major, never-seen-before pandemic and many countries are compelled to keep lockdowns even after a year. 

In this hard time, it is natural that you doubt your career choice as many employees, even with higher degrees of renowned institutions, got laid off last year. 

Is there a field that is future-proof? With everything from lockdown to the rise of AI threatening previously stable professions, you’re right to ask that question. 

Well future lies in uncertainty and we can’t really predict the future, but if there’s one area that certain to remain in demand throughout the 2020s and 2030s, it’s UI (user interface) design and UX (user experience) design. 

What is UI/UX Designing? 

First of all, UI designing and UX designing are two different things. Though they are closely related to each other; they are different careers but sometimes a single person can also play both roles. 

UI stands for User Interface. Whatever design you see on websites, mobile applications, desktop software, are designed by UI designers. 

User experience (UX) designers are responsible for creating an optimal experience for the user when they interact with a website, mobile app, desktop software. 

What is day to day work of a UI/UX designer? 

A UI/UX designer’s job is to create user-friendly interfaces that enable users to understand how to use complex technical products. 

UI/UX designers are normally a part of a team, working together to create something special that simplifies people’s lives. 

UI/UX designers routinely make presentations to stakeholders on their research, or present in front of users at a focus group discussion. 

How to learn UI and UX design? 

If you are thinking to embark on this journey, you will have to learn some technical tools such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch et cetera. 

however, training is essential in UI design and UX design. And so, it’s definitely recommended that you enroll yourself in some kind of study. 

That will cost you some money of course, but looking at the future financial rewards, it will give the best return on investment. 

So, that’s it 

If you’re a print designer, it’s a great way to update your skillset for the techno-rich future and it will open you to a new world of possibilities. 

If you’re new to the design world, then it’s the perfect starting point for your career. It maximizes the number of opportunities you have that can develop your career. 

Either way, learning UI and UX designing will benefit you in the long run if you choose not to make it your career field right now. 

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