Where to find logo design inspiration

Where to find logo design inspiration

Logo design inspiration can be difficult to find. If you expose yourself to a variety of ideas, they’ll help you form the logo you’re looking for. 

The only difficulty is knowing where to find your inspiration in the first place. To make it easy, we have curated some best resources to find you inspiration. 

01. Behance 

Behance is an online gallery for designers, featuring design projects from a wide variety of high-quality, creative logos created by creatives from worldwide. It’s a brilliant place to go for inspiration. You just have to search using keywords.  

02. Logoed 

Logoed is a single-page design archive that presents beautiful logo designs. Its smooth vertical scroll makes it simple and easy to navigate, and as you move down the page, projects will automatically load on the screen. Simply click on each thumbnail for more information on each project and a wider selection of images. 

03. Logospire 

Logospire takes a similarly simple, infinite vertical scroll format just like Logoed. The special thing about this platform is that it offers just a single image and a link to the designer’s website. Without any other clutter, it’s easy to spot the logos that stand out for you. 

04. Brand New 

Brand New is a graphic design platform offering information on logo design trends, showcases imagery, and offers advice on the logo designing process? It also offers reviews of the latest logo designs. 

05. LogoLounge 

LogoLounge extensive range of logo designs to get inspired from. The site was created for designers to offer a reference library, offer topic-related discussions, and share ideas and concepts. 

06. Logo Moose 

Logo Moose is a helpful online logo design inspiration community, which showcases work from professional designers worldwide. Designers can submit their own logo designs to showcase and take advantage of the platform’s critique and feedback. 

07. Logo Design Love 

Logo Design Love is a site and book by graphic designer David Airey. The platform showcases newer works along with classic designs. It also offers opinions, insight, and news on everything logo-related, from the past to the contemporary. 


Inspiration doesn’t just come to you naturally; you have to work for it. The more you search it out, the easier you’ll find it. 

These 7 websites are great sources to find inspiration and make you take the first step in your logo design journey. 

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