What is NFT Art? And NFT artists to follow on Instagram

What is NFT Art? And NFT artists to follow on Instagram

There is a lot of hype in the market for this word called NFT. While tech-savvies are all crazy over this thing, common people are unable to understand the concept. 

So, what actually this NFT thing is? 

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. It is a kind of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. The main difference between NFT and Bitcoin is, the latter is made for transactions while the former is mere a collectible. 

You can make any digital art an NFT, for example, if you have created an image, a video, or music piece, you can make it an NFT art by assigning a digital token to it. 

By assigning a digital, your artwork becomes non-fungible, meaning it becomes a unique artwork and can’t be replicated. NFTs can also be used to represent people’s identities, property rights, and more. 

So, now the concept of NFT should be clear to you. Here I am listing NFT artists you can follow on Instagram. 

  1. jformento 
  1. duajisin 
  1. temi.coker 
  1. francescoschito 
  1. mregfx 
  1. opalgravy 
  1. crea.st 
  1. nikmsw 
  1. mathewspendlove 
  1. otmandenye 
  1. pulkit_kudiwal 
  1. Milush Manimendra 
  1. crosierart 
  1. jadedalloul 
  1. inktally 
  1. booger_box 
  1. zulupixel 
  1. fredericofelix 

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