UI/UX trends that are thriving in 2021

UI/UX trends that are thriving in 2021

Every year, design bloggers and UI/UX enthusiasts predict some trends that will thrive in the market in the coming year. Last year too wasn’t an exception. Many designers made predictions about UI/UX trends, and some of them are doing great.  

In this article, I’m going to introduce five such trends that are predicted to rock the design industry this year. 

Trend 1: Glassmorphism 

Glassmorphism is not a new trend. Microsoft and Apple were using this for years. The thing is that it wasn’t just that much popular then.  

But it started picking up the pace in late 2019, and since then, it is gradually moving forward. Trend pundits made this announcement that Glassmorphism will become a no. 1 trend this year. Well, it is nothing exactly like that, but the design is doing pretty great. 

Trend 2: 3D design 

3D designs have been a subject of attraction for years. Last year when Apple launched its macOS update, it incorporated a 3D-ish touch to its icons.  

And it’s a well-known fact that whatever Apple does, becomes a hit formula (or everyone thinks like that). So, trend predictors have been putting this design style with Glassmorphism.  

Designers have been calling this the next big trend, and to an extent, it has been a right. 

Trend 3: Animations 

Pictures may speak a thousand words, but when it comes to conveying messages through stories, nothing can beat Animations.  

The motion graphic is the ultimate choice of modern-day designers. Users of all age groups love to watch interactive animated screens and designs.  

The designers recognized this and started experimenting. As a result, this has now become a new trend that will thrive for years. 

Trend 3: Touchless Interactions 

Since it was introduced, voice recognition technology has been evolving and thriving in the industry.  

The same thing is happening with Air gesture control. Now both the trends are all set to make a big difference in upcoming years.  

This pandemic has compelled us to make touchless interactions with devices, and we have found a solution in the form of Voice interaction and Air gesture controls. 

Trend 4: Geometric Structures 

Whether it’s Architecture, Drawing, or Digital designing, geometry has always been most favorite to creators. 

From simple single shapes to complex designs made with different shape combinations, geometric structures are not only proven eye-pleasers, but help designers achieve depth, boldness, and even intended mood in their design.  

This year, geometric designs are making a slow but firm start to stay in the trend market for a longer run. 

Trend 5: Minimalism 

Like Glassmorphism, Minimalism also isn’t a new trend. It is being used for 3-4 years but didn’t get the attention it deserved.   

Designers started using this approach in 2019, and now, it is considered as one of those eternal design styles that will thrive in the industry and eventually evolve into something bigger and beautiful. 

What’s now? 

It’s only been a quarter of the year 2021. The trends that have been predicted are swaying the design industry for now. But who knows when this wind changes its direction and starts flowing from the different one?  

It would be pleasing to see some new trends taking the place of the current ones. 

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