Tips to Simplify the Brainstorming process your Design Project

Tips to Simplify the Brainstorming process your Design Project

Creatives working in the design field, know that inspiration is a tricky subject. Sometimes you get bombarded with tons of inspirational ideas and other times your mind is barren from inspiration. 

This is a common problem among graphic and web designers and can be seamlessly tackled by effectively carried out brainstorming sessions. 

Being the most important part of the design process, brainstorming gets you the most unique and inspirational ideas. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can brainstorm effectively. 

1. Understand your customers 

Understanding your customer’s needs and demographics will help you visualize your concept more clearly. This process may take longer but after you consider all these things you will be directed to create your design that appeals to your audience group. 

2. Allow preparation time 

While a large part of brainstorming is spontaneous and happens at the moment, it can be especially helpful to give participants the opportunity to prepare. Bringing a few ideas or some research to the workshop or ideation session can help it be a success. 

3. Aim for quantity 

You might have heard the phrase ‘there are no bad ideas.’ The core message here is not to think about quality or overthink ideas during the early stages of brainstorm. Instead, try to create as many new ideas as possible. And in a later stage experiment with all these ideas to determine the perfect one. 

4. Don’t be afraid of negative space 

It can be difficult to position text and image perfectly so that everything fits nicer and in an elegant way. You may spend hours resizing, cropping, and rearranging design elements, but you don’t need to be so accurate. If you have negative space on your design, you will actually enhance its impact and its readability. 

5. Remember that less is more 

When the flow of creative ideas dries out, stepping back from the project and looking at it with fresh eyes often helps you clear your vision. The great thing about going back to basics is that it reminds you that less is actually more, and maybe you need to create your design in a simple way. 


Brainstorming can be as complex and simple as you make it. If you focus on the method rather than the number of ideas you generate from this process, you will most likely make it more complex. 

To make it simple, find out your unique way of brainstorming and follow the process by adhering to this particular way. 

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