Tips to Create a Great Graphic Design Resume

Tips to Create a Great Graphic Design Resume

A good graphic design resume can help stand you out from the crowd and piques the interest of a potential client or employer which might lead to getting a job interview or project. 

Your online portfolio and resume both should demonstrate your excellent graphic or web design skills. 

Here, we are featuring tips for crafting a graphic design resume and some examples from famous designers. 

1. Include the relevant sections 

Other than your name at the top of the page with big letters, your resume should include your contact information, personal statement, education, work experience, relevant skills, tools you have mastery on, and awards if you got any. 

2. Tailor your resume to fit the job description 

When writing a resume, you should take few things into consideration. One important thing is to craft the Work Experience section to suit for the job you are applying for. 

This doesn’t mean you should lie about your experience, but rather focus on certain skills that you have acquired in your past roles by working on various projects. 

3. Add a link to your online design portfolio 

While your graphic design resume should showcase your design skills, prospective clients and employers will also want to see much more than that. 

You should include a link to your portfolio website, where you can express your style and personality by showing off your best work. 

Graphic design resume examples 

1. Saloni Joshi 

2. Hili Noy 

3. Marcy Monko 

4. Isabella Wood 


The goal of the resume is to encourage your employer to review your portfolio and read your whole cover letter that eventually should end up in an interview. 

With this in mind, give your graphic designer resume the time and attention it needs so that you can thrive on your interview and land a job. 

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