Some Fresh Trendy CyberPunk Design Inspirations

Some Fresh Trendy CyberPunk Design Inspirations

Cyberpunk is often described as “high tech low life.” When you think about cyberpunk design you imagine neon lights, skyscrapers, and dystopian backdrops. 

Cyberpunk is a rich cultural movement that spans film, fashion and design—all born from a sci-fi sub-genre. 

In 2020, Cyberpunk design was on a trend and it is still accelerating in the industry. Today, we are showing you some best designs from this trend to inspire you. 

1. The empathy dystopias of designer Michel Clansen

2. Bráulio Amado’s digitally enhanced typography 

3. Familiar gritty dystopian scenes by A3

4. Hui Yeon Hwang’s use of neons 

5. Confident clashing by Vukn 

6. The Akira-esque illustrations of Vinne Art 

7. John Baiatul’s futuristic glitch effect 

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