How to Submit to 10 most popular Graphic Designing Blogs

How to Submit to 10 most popular Graphic Designing Blogs

If you want to make a career in the creative field such as graphic designing, building a profile and regularly showcasing your work online is an important part of market your skills. This is how you get noticed and land a good job in a reputed company. 

While Instagram and Facebook would be your first choice, you can’t share all your latest designs on these platforms as they have some restrictions with post size and type. 

There hundreds of graphic designing blogs out there which regularly publish creative works of designers from all over the world. 

This article lists ten of such most famous graphic designing blogs as well as teaches how you can get published on all of these. 

1. It’s Nice That 

When it comes to supporting emerging talent, It’s Nice That has always stood in the front row. This site had a firmly leaned towards graphic design. If you want to submit your work to this blog, make sure you meet their requirements. 

2. Creative Review 

Creative Review is the design industry’s most renowned and leading magazine. Recently they re-launched their beautiful web edition. The site regularly shares the latest graphic design work – and particularly enjoys supporting new talent. 

3. Aisle One 

This is a great resource to get your dose of inspiration. From typography, to grid systems, minimalism, and modernism, this blog features everything related to graphic designing. This is a must-read for all budding designers and there are plenty of opportunities to get your work noticed and shared. 

4. The Design Blog 

Ena Baćanović – a designer based in Zagreb, Croatia, founded and designed this blog as well as curates all of the content that goes on this blog. The Design Blog features hand-picked high-quality creative works of designers and design studios from all over the world. 

5. Form Fifty Five 

Founded in 2005, FormFiftyFive has become an international showcase of creative work. This site is created and maintained by a group of talented designers, illustrators, and coders to collect and share the best design work they came across. 

6. Abduzeedo 

Abduzeedo is a fine collection of writers publishing articles about architecture, design, photography, and UX. It was founded by Fabio Sasso in 2006 as a personal blog, later It grew to become an international digital publication.   

7. Creative Boom 

Creative Boom is a go-to resource for when you need inspiration or advice to land a great career in the design industry. From its inception in 2009, this platform kept growing its international creative audience, providing the latest design works, trends, inspirations, and industry news. 

8. Brand Identity 

Brand Identity’s mission is to develop and empower the graphic design industry. This curated platform provides a resource for everyone interested in graphic design brings together the finest creative work from around the world. 

9. Mirador 

Mirador is the image hunting platform, created by Say What Studio, a graphic design duo based in Paris, France. The platforms curate the most inspirational works out there and share them through this amazing blog. 

10. Minimalissimo 

Minimalissimo – a platform exploring and celebrating minimalism, and aims to inspire creatives to showcase their best work from the diverse field of design. They showcase a curated selection of the finest examples in architecture, interiors, furniture, and homewares.   

How to get published in these blogs? 

Approach each blog properly 

Don’t just stuff your email with just images. First, consider knowing their requirements, for example, many blogs prefer certain sizes of images. So, make sure your designs fulfill their requirements and your email is perfectly crafted with a text asking them to publish your designs on their platform. 

Consider existing content 

Explore the blog and study what kind of content they put on their blog, to understand what type of work they like to share. If your work matches up with their existing content, only then hit the send button of your email. 

Ensure you send everything they require 

Bloggers and journalists constantly get shot with hundreds of emails. So, if you want to get featured on their blog, make sure you are sending them everything they need in one go. They always lack the time and won’t bother to ask you to send something. 

Add a catchy email subject 

A crucial email marketing tactic, perfect your subject line and win half of the battle. And this applies to any email you send, so put something catchy that makes your email stand out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to add little humor or intriguing phrase. 

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