How to Come Out from a Creative Rut

How to Come Out from a Creative Rut

If you’re a designer, you might have faced that annoying creative rut at some point in your career. In this situation, you don’t feel inspired and your work doesn’t excite you like it used to do. 

The reason for this is, when we become too comfortable with our work, it starts to become dull and you find it difficult to come up with fresh, creative ideas. 

When this happens, you need to find ways to see things from different perspectives and challenge yourself. But when you are unmotivated knowing where to start can feel tricky. 

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can deal with this hurdle and get going with more excitement than before. 

1. Get inspired 

When we get used to seeing the same thing every day, things become boring. For this, try discovering new artists and work that inspires you. Finding something new that sparks your interest is a great motivator. 

Search for art direction on Pinterest to find fresh new work. Take the time to reflect on the work that does excite you. Is it the colors? The textures? The lighting? Let those exciting elements inspire you and implement them in your work. 

2. Take a break 

Sometimes what we really need is a little break from our routine work. Stopping while you’re trying to get something done may feel difficult, but giving your mind time to rest can really boost your creativity. Take a time to focus on yourself and let your mind wander. Even a 10-minute break can do wonders for your creativity.   

3. Find time for your own work 

When everything feels too monotonous, we can get bored with our own work. Experiment for yourself—try new design trends and create something fresh. Leave your Comfort Zone boundary behind. Obviously, this won’t be your best work since you are not perfect at it, but that’s okay. You may find something new that will spark excitement back into your work. 

4. Take a nap 

When everything looks confusing and unmotivating, having a nap is a good idea. You can absolutely tire your mind out. Getting plenty of sleep is needed to reset your mind. When you’re well-rested, you’re more capable of finding solutions and handling problems. 

5. Try something new 

Experiencing new things forces our minds to think differently, which could spark some new ideas for you. Find a new hobby that allows you to be creative in different ways. If you’re a designer, try painting something. If you’re a photographer, try your hand at some lettering. You never know, your new hobby could eventually make it into your current work. 

6. Catch up with a friend 

Meet up with a friend over coffee, or go to dinner and the movies. Engaging in conversation is a great way to get out of your own mind and start seeing things differently. This also freshens up your mind and that will magically make a wonderful experience. 

7. Connect with nature 

Staring at your computer and phone all day can be overwhelming to your mind. Try taking a walk at your local park or take a little road trip somewhere. Spend time away from your phone and let your mind relax. Spending time disconnected from the rest of the world is also great for helping to reset your sleep cycle. 

8. Take a trip 

You don’t have to go onboard. Even just a 30-minute drive away can works fine. Visit new places and experiences you’ve never witnessed before. Inspiration comes when we least expect it. Taking time to discover something new helps our minds to see things differently and can often spark motivation. 


It’s perfectly normal to hit a creative rut, regardless of the field you work in. The next time you experience a creative rut, remember that it’s time to lean back from your work. 

Find new ways to challenge yourself. Once you start taking care of your mind, you’ll be surprised just how quickly that creativity will return to you. 

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