Free typography tools for graphic designers

Free typography tools for graphic designers

Typography is an essential design element. Every graphic designer knows the value and impact of good typography, but it can be tricky and time-consuming to work with. 

But worry not, there are plenty of tools available which aids you in this process and make it as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Google Fonts 

There is a higher chance that you may be very well aware of this tool. But still, it is important to mention google fonts in this post. 

Google fonts are no lesser than a treasure for graphics and web designers. You can dig through the Google Fonts directory, offering 1000+ different fonts that you can access absolutely free. 

FontFace Ninja 

This is another invaluable tool for graphic designers. Fontface Ninja helps you recognize the typeface used in websites. 

You just have to hover on the font and it will tell you the font family, size, and weight. Plus, you can bookmark every font you come across on any website. 


Archetype is a great typography tool that helps you pair perfect fonts and style your typography to suit your design. 

Archetype offers a bunch of features, including allowing designers to adjust the font sizes and spacing to match your design requirements. 

Font Joy 

Font Joy utilizes machine learning algorithm to suggest you perfect pair of different fonts. 

you can easily generate perfect font pairings that are contrasting yet complementary for headlines and body text. is a great Google Chrome extension, created to help designers find the right font for their designs. 

This simple user interface allows designers to preview and choose the perfect font for their designs, as well as categorize and filter them. 

Type Scale 

Type Scale provides help with scaling the fonts. This lets designers find the perfect scale for different fonts on the same page for optimum designs. 

You just simply have to enter your base font size for your body text and then you can select from the given options of font values. 


Typewolf is a fantastic tool for graphic designers to get an idea of how their typefaces will work on their websites or other designing projects. 

This tool eliminates the efforts of finding the right typeface through the trial-and-error method, by providing you a preview of how their fonts will look like. 


All these tools are free of cost and provide a really great service to your designing project. If you know about more such tools, let us know in the comment section. 

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