Designing for Music Industry: Tips You Should Know

Designing for Music Industry: Tips You Should Know

Whether you’re designing for a local artist or a super-star singer, creating designs to represent musicians can be a challenging job. 

You have to reproduce the feeling for music in your design. But oftentimes, you will stumble upon getting started with it. 

To make it simple for you, in this article, we are featuring some tips given by Neil Whitman, who has designed for The Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and James Blunt, among others. 

01. Don’t be afraid to experiment 

The music industry is a vibrant and creative hub and so designers are encouraged to be experimental and come up with fresh ideas that complement the music. 

There is always a new technique you can learn so keep experimenting and making stuff. There is a wealth of tutorials online so be creative and focus on an area that you really enjoy. 

02. Learn the right software 

Learning the right software is key to any area of design, and designing for music is no different. 

If you’re creating music videos, you’ll need to learn 3D software and animating tools, along with photo editing and design software. 

03. Pin down the idea early 

Just like any other design job, you will have clients in the music industry too, and you will have to develop your own process for dealing with briefs. 

For Whitman, each project begins with a song sent over from a record company, and he is asked to create a visual concept for this song.   

04. Make a showreel 

If you’re designing for print, then you’ll want to showcase your work in a portfolio, but if you are working in animation, then you’ll have to create a showreel. 

Your showreel should be no more than two minutes long and it should feature your most impressive projects only. 


Creating an eye-catching album cover is important for releasing music, gaining fans, and building hype for the new release. 

These tips will help you create effective art that will grab someone’s attention and get your music heard. 

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