Brutalist Web Design Explained with Example

Brutalist Web Design Explained with Example

Nowadays, if you check any popular web design blog, you’ll see tons of gorgeous and easy-to-use designs that appeal to both readers and developers. 

But there is a growing trend that takes you to an age where web design was in its initial stage and web-safe fonts were all over the internet. 

That is a brutalist web design trend and we are going to discuss how you could use these techniques in your own projects. 


Brutalism is a style of architecture that came into existence after World War II, reaching its peak in the ‘50s and ‘60s. 

Although Brutalism may sound like a violent term, there is nothing like that. The name comes from béton brut, which is French for raw or rough concrete. Concrete is a common material for brutalist structures. 

Brutalist web design follows a similar philosophy, in that it’s ‘raw’, direct, and unforgiving in style. Many designs that fall into this category can be seen as hard and even uncomfortable. 

Examples of Brutalist Web Designs 

1. 24 Hour Ace 

2. Leandro Gabriel 

3. Deplace Maison 

4. Personal Portfolio of Vladimir Gruev 

5. Make UI 

6. Two Robbers 

7. Fion 


There are many ways to build a brutalist web design. You can choose a retro look, to make your website more nostalgic. The key thing to remember is that brutalist web design is not just a primitive design that feels unfinished and undressed. 

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