Attention designers: Fivesmarket is here for you

Attention designers: Fivesmarket is here for you

We are aware of the struggle you, as a designer, go through. Finding that perfect website template or graphical asset for your projects is no less than finding a hidden treasure of pirates. The feeling of helplessness, frustration, and the stress of time bolting towards the deadline exhausts you, right? That anxiety drains out all the energy and affects creativity, which is horrible for a designer.  

We wanted to help out our fellow designers to eliminate this struggle from their life, so we thought to create a platform where not only designers but developers too can find everything they need to use in their projects at the same place. And that is how Fivesmarket was born.  

Fivesmarket has everything featured in its bucket, from website templates to graphics and android apps too. It has a variety of digital assets that fulfills your project needs.  

What Fivesmarket Offers?  

HTML Templates 

Fivesmarket has a great collection of beautifully designed responsive HTML website templates. From e-commerce to corporate, businesses, entertainment, personal, and non-profit, there is a vast category of HTML templates Fivesmarket provides.  

WordPress Templates

WordPress platform is quite popular among bloggers. So, Fivesmarket has numerous blog site templates. Bloggers will find tons of creative templates. Apart from blog site templates, there are many business templates as well.  

Android Apps

Fivesmarket provides fully-developed, robust android apps. These apps are easily customized from scratch. From e-commerce to games and entertainment, you will find dozed of apps here.  


If you want to find an archive of various digital graphic assets, Fivesmarket is no less than heaven for you. Here you will find social media posts, flyers, posters, cover pictures, resumes, and much more.  


Newsletter templates are another best product Fivesmarket offers. It has tons of responsive email templates designed by professionals. Your email marketing will surely boost up with these templates.


What is so special about Fivesmarket 

Affordable Pricing

All these digital assets can be bought at a wallet-friendly cost with an uncompromised design.  


Security of our users is most important to us. So, we take extra care with online transactions.  

Customer Support

We strive to make our users’ lives easier that is why we provide 24×7 customer support.  


Every week, we offer free digital assets to our beloved users to use in their projects.  

Regular updates

We keep updating our website with quality graphics and web templates on a regular basis. 

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