9 tips to keep in mind while you design a logo

9 tips to keep in mind while you design a logo

A logo is the first impression a client gets and hopefully a lasting impression that captures the company’s identity and values, and makes it stand out among all the other options.

Below is a list of 9 tips to keep in mind when designing your logo to make sure it’s an effective design that works for your company.

1. Reflect the brand 

An ideal logo communicates brand’s identity and core message. It also represents the brand’s personality. 

So, before you design your logo, make sure you have thoroughly researched about company’s vision, values, and target audience. 

2. Go for simplicity 

Overly complex designs, whether it’s in print or in digital form, fail to appeal to their viewers. And the same thing applies to a logo. 

To keep your logo simple, consider using minimum design components you need, to convey your idea. 

3. First impression is key 

You may have heard the phrase “the first impression is the last impression.” Though we shouldn’t believe in this as it shows the judgmental mindset. 

But in the case of a logo, people do judge your brand by how your logo appears. So, it is essential for your logo to not just make a good first impression but a lasting one as well. 

4. It should reflect your business 

Your logo should represent your business in every way from the images, colors, and fonts. 

It should be clear enough from your logo what your business is about and what products or services you deliver.   

5. It should be versatile 

your logo should look good whether it’s on good old paper letterhead, a business card, a mobile app icon, a website header, and more. 

That’s another reason why it’s so important to keep it simple, so it can be adapted for every type of platform. 

6. It should be timeless 

Your logo should be timeless. Means it shouldn’t be based on current trends of the year you design it. 

No matter what societal and technological changes happen, your logo should always feel like it represents your brand rather than promoting current trends. 

7. Consider your color use 

Your logo shouldn’t solely rely on colors. Many times, the logo will have to be used on fax documents and stationery items, which will have mostly a black and white version of your logo. 

So, make sure that your logo looks amazing even when you’re still in the sketching phase so it’s still in black and white. 

8. Choose fonts wisely 

You also want the right typeface because they speak volumes about the brand’s identity. Consider who your target audience is and which type of font would attract them most. 

There is no sense using funny typeface B2B logo, or bold serif for the toy making companies. 

9. Make it scalable

Your logo design should work whether it’s printed large or small, and make sure it’s legible at each stage.  

It has to also work with your business as you evolve without needing a total transformation every time. 


Designing a logo is more than a graphic designing art. It requires knowledge of various fields such as marketing, psychology, and business. 

These simple tips are applied and tested by professionals and helps you effectively design your next logo. 

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