8 Minimalist Graphic Design Examples for Your Inspiration

8 Minimalist Graphic Design Examples for Your Inspiration

Minimalistic designs are not going away to off-trend anytime soon. They are here to stay for longer time. 

While Minimalism is on-trend right now, designers taking the advantage of this trend to effectively communicate the message of a brand or solve problems of people. 

In this article, I have curated some of the fine designs that are inspired by this beautiful trend and following this style with minimal elements. 

1. Clean Fold Products by Rebecca Todd 

Clean Fold is a launderette and coffee bar that is located in London. Rebecca Todd, a New York Graduate, designed Clean Fold’s logo and their product packaging as well as other supplies such as their laundry bag. 

You’ll notice that she used bold patterns, but very straightforward and simple color schemes in these designs. 

2. Prose Hair Product Design by Red Antler 

Prose is a haircare brand. Their brand and bottle design beautifully reflect their unique and minimalistic styling approach. 

They hired Red Antler to create their product labels. Red created designs that help Prose stand apart from its competitors. 

3. Book Cover by Margaux Stockwell 

Margaux Stockwell created this re-design of the book cover for A Little Life, a novel by Yanya Yanagahara. 

The simplicity of this cover reflects the relationships the characters have with both themselves and with one another.   

4. Duet Gin Label by Michaela Early 

Michaela Early’s design for Duet gin uses repetition to represent brand’s contiuinity. 

The labels themselves are both elegant and smooth and draw attention without being distracting. 

5. Miselu by Character 

Character is the branding and design agency based in New York.  They have designed the product and brand identity of Miselu, a startup specializing in musical instruments. 

The designs are inspired by a keyboard and creates a minimalist design that is uniform both in the real world and in the digital world. 

6. We Ain’t Plastic by Roland 

We Ain’t Plastic is an example that a powerful and straightforward message doesn’t always need to be decorative. Roland is a user experience engineer with this amazing minimalist website. 

The gray-scale imagery and simple typefaces, organized in a grid that keeps this text-heavy site simple and minimalistic. 

7. Ritual Vitamins Branding by Jessica Yan 

Ritual Vitamins are focused on the future of clear vitamins. So, their product, branding, and digital elements reflect the same thing. 

Jessica Yan very well captured Ritual’s mission in a minimalistic and straight-forward manner. 

8. The National Album Cover Design by Pentagram 

In 2017, The National launched an album, Sleep Well Beast. Pentagram was hired to design the album cover and all of its promotional materials. 

Pentagram designed a cover design was so well that it was even nominated for a Grammy.   


In a minimalistic approach, you can say more by showing less and allowing the viewer’s experience of your design to do most of the talking for you. 

For some creative inspiration, we’ve curated a list of graphic design examples for designers. I am sure designers will appreciate these great examples showing how minimalism can help express a brand’s mission and personality. 

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