8 Best Graphic Design Portfolio Examples

8 Best Graphic Design Portfolio Examples

Whether you are a student, job aspirant, freelancer, or full-time graphic designer working in a company, maintaining and bettering your portfolio is one of the most crucial jobs for your career. 

Your portfolio doesn’t showcase your work, it further acts much like a resume and provides necessary contact information. 

In this article, we feature some of the best graphic design portfolios we came across. You can take inspiration from these famous designers. 

1. Kate Moross 

When you will visit this portfolio, you will be bombarded with zillions of designs created with vibrant and radiant colors. This is author Kate’s unique signature style, who is also a speaker at international art and design conferences. 

2. Lotta Nieminen 

Lotta Nieminen is an illustrator and graphic designer from Finland and now based in New York. After studying graphic design and working in several renowned design firms, she started her own design company – Lotta Nieminen Studio.  

3. Maria Vazquez 

Maria Vazquez is an art director, photographer, and graphic designer. Apart from designing, she has written a book titled Pastel Moods that explores the wonderful colors that surround us and impact our moods and experiences. 

4. Mike Kus 

 Mike Kus is a UK-based designer specialized in graphic designing, photography, branding, illustration, and web designing. He is also a regular speaker at various design and technology conferences. 

5. Jessica Walsh 

Jessica Walsh is a founder and director of &Walsh – a creative agency based in NYC. Apart from managing the company, Jessica teaches design and typography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and gives lectures about design at international conferences and universities. 

6. Shanti Sparrow 

Based in New York City, Shanti Sparrow is an Austrian designer, illustrator, and educator. She designs with a bold and vibrant approach. As an educator, she is dedicated to shape and support the next generation of designers. 

7. Jonathan Barnbrook 

Jonathan Barnbrook is a British graphic designer, typographer, filmmaker, and owner of his creative firm – Barnbrook Studio. In 2007, a major exhibition at the Design Museum in London entitled Friendly Fire was organized to showcase his contribution to British graphic design. 

8. Lauren Hom 

Lauren Hom is a Detroit-based freelance designer and hand lettering artist. She runs a blog and online course where she shares her experiences and teaches new techniques to budding designers. Her portfolio is worth exploring. 

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