7 trending typography in 2021

7 trending typography in 2021

Last year was very chaotic as the pandemic hit the world. But for the design industry, it was a quite happening year. 

We saw a lot of new design trends took place in 2020. This post is specifically dedicated to typography trends that hit the market last year and continued to persist this year as well.  

Svelte Serif Fonts 

Serif fonts are back in trend, and we will see retro-inspired serif fonts. These classical Serif fonts will have slim and bold elements, which will create an elegant typography composition. 

This trending typography will be used in logo designs for letter marks for brands that want to give an elegant feeling. 

Outline Fonts 

Outline fonts have made big appearance in 2020 and continued to thrive in the industry on this year as well. 

The transparency factor makes this typography more powerful. It looks mature and dependable with a bit of sharpness and ruggedness. 

Evolved Brutalist 

Like outline fonts, this typeface too, came into fashion last year. Since then, it has been evolved into a softer, modern, brutalist style. 

It is best to pair this typography with color schemes having earthy or organic hues. 

Text Layering with Other Elements 

Once this was just a photoshop trick, now it got evolved into a great design style. This trend can be seen with photography and illustrations. 

Though it can be tricky to execute this style rightly. You have to choose the right image and maintain the readability of every single letter. 

Text-Image Blending 

This is a one-step advance in text layering. This trend mixes the text with the image or illustration to give it a more modernish look. 

This style demands an attention. If you want to engage your audience, this trend is perfect for your design. 

New Psychedelic 

Groovy colors from the 1970’s retro era, blended with a modern twist – this is how I would describe this design trend. 

Designers are using the warped typography and intense color schemes to create energetic designs. 

Bold Modern Sans Serif Fonts 

Bold modern sand serif fonts are gradually taking over the industry. We are seeing this kind of fonts everywhere from print media, posters, magazines, to digital arts. 

I expect this typeface will keep dominating the design world for several more years. 


Although the last year was chaotic for the world, the design industry experienced some of the beautiful typography trends. 

These emerging typography trends continued in 2021, helping designers create positive, clear, and engaging designs. 

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