7 most useful tools (web designers edition)

7 most useful tools (web designers edition)

We already have published an article for graphic designers. Now it’s time for web designers’ turn. There are so many web designing tools available these days, which web designers should use and leverage its features. Here I have listed 7 great tools for web designers. 


DesignBold is created for both professional and amateur designers. It is developed with an eye-pleasing user interface for creating printed or digital images quickly and smoothly. With an intuitive and robust feature set, even beginners can create graphics, documents, and images of professional quality. The editing is also easy with this tool’s drag-and-drop commands. 


This is a JavaScript bookmarklet that shows the font stack of any website without opening a source code. It can also deactivate each font with a single click. AltFontPrev makes sure everything looks okay when certain fonts are not installed on the user’s system. 

Marvel – Prototyping Tool 

Marvel Prototyping tool is used for a web design workflow. With Marvel, you can create anything from scratch with Marvel canvas. You can generate prototypes, add gestures and transitions to your design. Marvel is a simple user interface for web designing. The tool works well for both amateur non-designers and professional UX artists. 


Placeit is an online platform with all kinds of easily customizable mockups. The platform contains a variety of mockups from t-shirts, digital devices to books, and home decor. Just drag your design or select it from your hard drive and your mockup will be customized in seconds. You can also find trendy video templates with original music to customize in minutes. 


Colorinch helps photographers, and professional designers to produce stunning designs and enhanced photos with just a few clicks. This is a perfect alternative to popular offline and online photo editors. But unlike most other editors, it requires no sign-ups. It can be used for free and doesn’t require much knowledge to get started with. 


Flinto is a design tool that allows you to create unique interactions within your designs. You can utilize a number of gestures, and make easy transitions by designing the before and after states. Flinto comes with online documentation as well, which helps you to use this great tool on the go. 

Startup 4 

Startup 4 is an online app with built-in templates and themes. It helps to build websites based on Bootstrap 4 with a 12-column grid. You can build your site without writing code using the drag-and-drop interface, but you will have some knowledge of HTML and CSS to complete the design. 


These are the 7 most helpful tools for web designers, but the list doesn’t end here. There are so many more tools that supercharge the web designing process. I will be posting about them in one of my next articles. Stay tuned with me to know more about such tools. 

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