7 most useful tools for graphic designers

7 most useful tools for graphic designers

If you are a graphic designer, you probably using some tools which helps you carry out your day-today- tasks. However, knowing some more will sure fasten and simplify your process and adds value to your work. 

Here I am listing 7 such tools that you as a graphic designer will love using them. 


Filestage is an online review tool. This tool simplifies the review and approval process for graphic designers by collaborating with internal and external stakeholders for range of file types images, PDFs, websites, and many more. Filestage encourages ease of use, which means this tool helps your stakeholders to easily leave their feedback regarding your project.  


Many of you may have used this tool as a mobile application, but it comes as a website too. PicsArt is a great photo editing tool that helps amateurs photo editors to professional graphic designers. It has endless features which helps you generate professional-grade photos and graphic even if you don’t have any experience at all. 


Back in 2008, Bannersnack was limited to only banner designing. But over a period of time, this tool has been evolved into an elegant cloud-based graphic designing tool. Bannersnack doesn’t require any coding or drawing skills. Its drag and drop user interface make designing easy and simple for anyone. 


This is a mind-blowing logo generator tool. Logaster comes with incredible design tool that generates a logo in a matter of minutes. This logo design tool helps you not only design logos but social media posters and business cards. Logaster comes in handy when you want to generate logo in a quick and do not want to spend lot of time on it. 


Iconfinder is the best place for designers to gain inspiration and brilliant icons. It has world’s largest collection of premium icons. You can access all the icons in various formats. This is probably the best platform to get icons with a license that fits commercial projects. 


Color selection is a big process in designing and often requires a lot of brain storming. This is where Coolors comes as a great tool. It is a rapid color scheme generator that helps you create, save, and share the perfect palette in matter of seconds. 


DeviantArt is regarded as the biggest online art community as it holds more than 200 million artist-uploaded graphics including skins, fan art, and other different ideal photos and drawings. The users can not only save, but also share and shop for art purpose and sustain local and desiring artists and designers. 


Being a good designer doesn’t mean generating creative graphics. The designer should also have a knowledge of right tools and equipment. If you as a designer use a handful of tools, it will provide a solid foundation for communicating the ideas and simplifying your work. 

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