7 Mistakes Graphic Designers Should Avoid Making

7 Mistakes Graphic Designers Should Avoid Making

Every human commits a mistake on daily basis in their field of work. Graphic designing is also a field where designers do commit mistakes. 

Though there is nothing wrong with making mistakes and we tend to make them and learn from them, there are some common mistakes that should be avoided. 

Whether you’re a budding designer looking to jump into your first project or you’re an experienced professional, these common graphic design mistakes can potentially cause a lot of harm.  

1. Using Words Instead of Visuals 

Graphics that are heavy on words makes your audience overwhelm. Using minimal content, subtle typography, various other visual elements make your design more elegant and effective at communicating the message. 

2. Poor Readability 

If you make designs with text-heavy content, this is another problem you may face. If the texts are the main element of your design, make sure you are presenting them in a structured way so that is can be read properly. 

3. Using Too Many Fonts 

You might be urged to play with different fonts, but if someone is trying to read through something that changes font type ten times in a paragraph, it’ll get tiring and annoying quickly. Use no more than three fonts in any single layout. 

4. Bad Kerning 

Proper spacing between letters, called kerning, is essential in graphic design. This can make a big difference in how your project looks. Proper kerning adds just the right amount of space between every word so that all text is legible.  

5. Not Choosing the Right Colors 

One of the most important design decisions you will make in the creation of your project is your choice of color combinations. Many times, if the right colors are not applied, a project with good design a huge visual awkwardness. 

6. Lack of Negative Space 

White space is not merely an empty space, it is another most important design element. It creates room for your design to breathe. Making an equilibrium of white space along with other design elements elevates your graphic’s appearance. 

7. Inappropriate Font Combinations 

Knowing how to pair fonts is another crucial skill a designer has to master. Like all other design elements, pairing fonts in the right manner can help you communicate your message effectively. For example, there are fonts that have a formal appearance, while others have more of a funky, stylish, or modernish look. 

Designers should avoid making these mistakes to make their design appear higher in quality. There is not much to do, just be patient and pay attention to details, and you’ll deliver projects that please clients every time. 

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