7 Creative Slack Groups for Designers

7 Creative Slack Groups for Designers

To become a success in any industry, the one most important and essential skill you have to possess is networking.  

In older days you needed to meet people through conferences and industry events. But in this digital era, you don’t necessarily have to rely on it. 

There are millions of online forums and community platforms that you can join and interact with from across the globe. 

One such platform is Slack. It isn’t limited to collaborate with your teammates. There are amazing channels meant for designers. 

Here I am sharing Slack groups, that you can join and make new friends and connections from the design industry. So, let’s get started. 

Designer Slack Communities 

This is a great platform to find a variety of international communities and Slack channels focused on design and similar creative fields. 

The site allows you to filter by type of creative field and location and gives you access to an enormous list of Slack channels from around the world. 

Wellfed Creatives 

WellFed is a podcast created by designer Jon Sorrentino. At first, the podcast was meant for creative people, to make them aware of current industry trends and design best practices. 

Soon the community grew to with the podcast. Jon decided to create a Slack channel to make provide his audience a platform where they can interact with each other career advice, feedbacks, industry news, and updates. 

Aussie Designers Slack 

As the name suggests, this platform is made for Australian designers to get together, share ideas, connect with each other and collaborate. 

So, if you are an Australian, this is a fun space to meet new humans and talk to other Australian folks who are working in the design industry. 

Women in Technology 

Ladies of the tech industry, this channel is for you. Women in Technology Slack group is a safe space for women working in the various fields of the tech industry. 

This group welcomes ladies of a vast range of tech-focused fields, including graphic and UX/UI designing too. The only problem is that this Slack channel is invite-only, so you need a current member to request an invite for you. 

Latinxs Who Design 

Latinxs Who Design is a diverse community of Latinx working in the design industry. The platform’s mission is to provide a space for people to meet new people from the industry, collaborate with each other, and get inspired. 

Latinx is a gender-neutral term for Latino and Latina. So, they created this Slack channel to break the gender norms and offer inclusive space for all. 

Team Sketch 

Team Sketch is a great Slack community for those designers who are also creating their digital designs through this software.  

So, if you’re interested to know and share your tricks, and chat with other creatives who do the same, this channel is worth following. 

United Designers 

Those who are passionate for design and looking to connect with a large international community, should give United Designers a try.  

This not-for-profit community brings together over four hundred designers, with a variety of channels that ranges from serious design discussions and professional support to more everyday chatting and sharing of design inspirations. 

I hope you are on your way to join some of these amazing Slack groups. Make tons of new connections with other designers and share your designs as well as get inspired by someone else’s creative work. 

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