7 Amazing Advertising Design Examples

7 Amazing Advertising Design Examples

From the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go to sleep, you will have seen between 6,000-10,000 ads. We’re literally surrounded by advertisements everywhere we go. 

When you’re sitting on the station, commuting, going to a friend’s house, or using your phone, you’re constantly being exposed to lots of ads. 

The reason why you don’t remember 99% of these ads is lies in their design. It depends on how strongly the design conveying the message and how you related to it. 

Here, we are showing examples of some amazing and creatively designed advertisements. 

1. Volkswagen Beetle Ad 

This Volkswagen Beetle ad is a great example of how to use the product’s unique selling point to make it impactful. The advertising design uses a minimalist approach and lots of white space to attract consumers. 

2. Hustle Energy Drink Ad 

Hustle is a plant-based, sugar-free energy drink. Nowadays, everything is becoming plant-based, and companies are yelling it on their product labels and advertising to sell their product. 

But Hustle decided not to use these “plant-based” and “sugar-free” words to market themselves. Instead, they focused on the company’s positive and fun vibe and designed their ad accordingly. 

13. Nike Ad 

Nike’s ads are known for inspiration and motivation – the same as their slogan. Their recent ad campaign features a design that doesn’t rely on their product’s pictures. Rather it uses their slogan “Just Do It” to promote themselves. This ad campaign feels like a motivating talk from your coach just before you hit the field. 

4. Chobani Ad 

This advertisement design features classic, vintage design elements, promoting a contemporary version – oat milk, of a classic product – milk. The ad design is clever, admiring the classic while promoting what is the future of the breakfast. 

5. Casper Ad 

Most companies want to promote their products as easy-to-understand as possible. But Casper decided to take a risk and used brain teasers to draw in the audience and build a relationship between Casper and sleep. The result is a unique, minimalist advertising design. 

6. Headspace Ad 

The advertising design features active, healthy people explaining how meditation helps them to do what they do in their everyday life. 

The choice of colors, athletes, and quotes are inspiring and all the elements are balanced with color compositions, which makes the ad visually appealing. 

7. Apple Ad 

We can’t deny the fact that Apple has a world-class camera, along with other great features. This iPhone ad campaign shows that how powerful Apple’s cameras are.  

Photographers were asked to take photos of well-known artists’ live-in-concert using the new iPhone. The results were stunning pictures that became an advertising design element for the company. 


Even if you are a graphic designer, it’s a good idea to look at advertising design as an advertiser also. In this article, we have shown you 7 great ad examples- from the classic ‘60s era to the most recent ones – that you can get your inspiration from. 

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