6 Fresh Font Pairings That Works

6 Fresh Font Pairings That Works

The importance of typography cannot be underestimated, whether you are designing a poster, website, digital art, or any other creative design. 

Deciding which fonts to use and a make a pair that complements each other is an important as well as a crucial part of the design. 

This article eases this confusion by showcasing some pair of fonts that beautifully go together and are suitable for a wide range of design purposes. 

1. Elena and Maple 

Designed specifically for digital text, Elena is a lovely clear, crisp, and modern-looking Serif font. It was designed by Nicole Dotin and released by Process Type Foundry in 2011. 

Maple is a sans-serif font designed by Eric Olson of Process Type Foundry. The fun and flighty Maple makes a great pair with Elena, and this pairing would be a great choice for any desktop or mobile app. 

2. ARS Maquette and Copernicus Book 

ARS Maquette is a sans-serif that offers a clean and stylish look. It was designed by Angus R. Shamal and released through ARS Type in 2001. 

Copernicus Book is a much more traditional serif that designed by Village Type & Design in 2009, it’s a good option for body copy. This font combination is perfect for websites that feature a lot of textual information. 

3. SuisseWorks and Aperçu 

Designed by Ian Parry of Swiss Typefaces in 2011, Suisse Works is a traditional serif that reminds of Times New Roman.  

Aperçu was released by Colophon in 2010. Both typefaces make an ideal combination for any design that wants typography to grab visual attention and engage the viewer. 

4. Tiempos Headline and Visuelt 

Inspired by Times New Roman, Tiempos Headline is a modern serif Launched in 2012 by Klim Type Foundry for a Spanish newspaper. 

Released in 2014 by Colophon Foundry, this sans-serif works wonderful when used in headlines. Both these fonts make an effective combination in editorial design. 

5. Spectral and Basis Grotesque

Created by Production Type and commissioned by Google Fonts, Spectral is a versatile serif font intended primarily for text-rich long-form reading. 

Basis Grotesque was created by Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington as the typeface for a photography magazine. If you’re want minimalist modernish designs, these super-sleek fonts would make a killer combination. 

6. Poppins and Minion 

Poppins is a geometric sans-serif with 18 styles, created by the Indian Type Foundry in 2019, while Minion is a serif typeface inspired by late Renaissance-era type. 

For designs rich of textual content, Poppins and Minion would work fine as they both versatile and distinctively readable. 


Though this looks a bit complex, the most popular principle for creating typeface combinations is to pair a sans serif header typeface with a serif body typeface. 

This classic combination almost always works together and is hard to get wrong. If you know such other pairings, comment down to let us know.

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