5 Steps to Design an Incredible Logo

5 Steps to Design an Incredible Logo

If you are a graphic designer, the process of designing a logo and brand identity might feel like a daunting and stressful task. 

Because you have to put an extra effort to research and design a logo that reflects the brand’s personality and delivers its message to its audience. 

This article shows you how you make an incredible logo in simple five steps. 

Step 1: Define the brand 

A well-defined brand doesn’t just reflect the business’s value but also the values its clients would likely to have. Write down few keywords that describe the brand and use that as a starting point for researching and designing your logo.  

Step 2: Research competitors 

After defining the brand, you should start research about competitors. This enables you to be creative by taking inspiration from your competitors’ logos. Also, check out logos created by other designers. Create a moodboard with logos and other design elements you like, including typography and color palettes. 

Step 3: Decide right format of logo 

Now it’s time to decide the format of your logo. There are some basic types of logos that you can choose from. 

  • Abstract 
  • Mascots 
  • Wordmarks 
  • Lettermarks 
  • Emblems 

You can even mismatch and combine these types to create something fresh. It all depends on your creativity. 

Step 4: Test the concept 

Now start out with some basic concepts and create as many logo mockups as you want. Eliminate the designs that don’t go with your brand. The goal of this process is to try a bunch of different ideas until you find a few that feel like they fit. From there, you can go ahead further. 

Step 5: Refine your favorite 

Once you have some mockups you like and that reflect your brand, it’s time to sort and pick that one to logo to refine it. Clean up the typography, adjust the logo color scheme, and make any other refinements to the overall design. The goal in this stage of the process is to make your logo look as professional as possible. 

There you go 

Once you have made refinements, it’s time to deliver this logo to your client. Make sure you send them your design in both, vector and raster formats. 

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