5 Popular Myths About Graphic Designing

5 Popular Myths About Graphic Designing

Graphic design has come a long way since the term first emerged in the 1920s. But while it is a constantly evolving art field, there are common graphic design myths that many designers and non-designers still believe to this day. 

In this article, we have listed 5 of these myths that you may have heard about this field and the work you do. 

Graphic designers charge too much 

The opposite would be true for most graphic designers, especially newbies. Most newbie graphic designers are getting paid less than they should be. 

But the ones who stick with it a couple of years, earn really well afterward. However, this isn’t a problem that isn’t unique to graphic designers, you can see this issue in all creative fields. 

It’s an easy job 

Graphic design isn’t just about drawing on the computer. You have to solve a problem, and much of the work lies in understanding how to do that. 

Right, it is as easy like any other job. It is not rocket science after all. But when you decide to make a living from graphic designing, it requires determination. 

The internet is all you need 

The internet is great right, but it is limited. There are other parts also in the design process that require more personal interaction. 

Online resources work fine for many situations. but for many designers, there is no replacement for real books, sketchpads, and other real-world items. 

You need fancy tools for graphic design 

True, there is premium software that graphic designers use, but they can be quite expensive and take years to master. 

The good news is, there are many free design tools on the market that makes graphic design easy and accessible. 

Degrees are not important at all 

Degrees are less important than professional connections. This, however, doesn’t mean that the degrees are useless. 

A good graphic design school will help you learn how systems work. This further helps you when your start your career. 

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