5 most important graphic design trends of 2021

5 most important graphic design trends of 2021

Graphic design is all about transforming the plain into something special. Creating something extraordinary out of nothing but imagination. 

This art form brings many trends every year. So, I am writing this post to explore those design trends that cheer you up. 

Symbol Revival 

Smallest of things matters in design. Little details can spark different feelings and inform a whole lot of information. 

When you want to do all these things at once, symbols come as handy. Designers are leveraging symbol’s power in 2021 to create an aspirational design. 


Surrealism was an art movement, started in Europe after World War I. It is focused on the unconscious mind to release creativity. 

we expect to see this trend more frequently on image-focused media such as posters, album art, and book covers. 

Comic and Pop Art 

Cartoons are not just for kids, adults also like watching comic characters doing dumb things. 

This art trend was started in 2018 and it continues to evolve into something more deep and meaningful conveying form. 

Elements of nature 

Nature has been always a subject of fascination. It never forgets to makes us feel inspired and mesmerized. 

In 2021, designers are infusing nature into their designs in form of leafy patterns, earth-tone color schemes, and natural illustrations. 

Blur and grain 

Gradients and color transitions have been a popular trend for a few years now. This trend allows foreground elements such as typography or imagery to become highlighted. 

This trend is already rocking the design industry and we are surely going to see more on this in year. 


Each year of graphic design trends will always bring change, and it is the designers who will determine whether that is for better or worse. 

So, as a designer, what do you think about these trends. Tell us your opinions in the comment section below. 

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