5 Most Crucial Instagram Tips for Designers

5 Most Crucial Instagram Tips for Designers

Instagram is much more than posting selfies with mindless poses and sharing food pics. This simple sophisticated social media is now evolved into an essential platform for brand awareness and gained a place in marketing tactics. 

If you are anyway associated with the creative designing field and want to leverage this platform for building your brand, you must know these useful Instagram tips. 

01. Optimize your Instagram bio 

Your bio plays a crucial role in your Instagram brand building. It gives them a quick summary of who you are and what you are offering. That’s why it’s where you should be showing off your skills. 

Add your skills and relevant hashtag along with a link to your website or design portfolio, along with a CTA that directs visitors to take a look. 

02. Be social 

Well, it may sound obvious but it’s true. If you want to build your personal brand, showing up and interacting with your community is more than important. 

This crucial Instagram marketing technique helps you build bonds with your fans and other professionals in your industry. 

03. Find creative ways to involve your followers 

Encouraging your audience to engage with your content is a great way of bringing more eyes to your work and promoting your personal brand. 

You can engage your followers by crafting platform-focused captions, reposting content that inspires or interests you, or if you are selling or producing something, you can organize contests and giveaways also. 

04. Add plenty of CTAs 

Instagram offers many options to add CTAs to your profile, which you should take advantage of promoting your opportunities. 

Other than adding a CTA in your bio, you can include them in your captions as well. You can invite people to check out your profile, read your latest design blog post, vote for their favorite design, or anything else that will help you engage people with your profile. 

05. Use hashtags effectively 

Use hashtags that are relevant to your work and industry only. This way you can show up to a relevant audience. 

But make sure you don’t overdo this. A post with over 20 hashtags could appear spammy and your audience might put people away from your profile. 


Adding stories, reels, and videos on IGTV is also an effective strategy. There is a number of ways you can engage with your audience. 

If you implement these tips properly, you can increase the chances of your profile exposure and can brand awareness. 

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