5 Hidden features of WordPress

5 Hidden features of WordPress

If you use WordPress regularly, you certainly know how this website-building platform works. However, if you dig a little deeper in your website admin panel, you will find some great hidden features there.  

In this post, I am going to uncover five hidden features which every WordPress blogger and website owner should know.

Sticky Posts

Sticky Posts are used when you want your post to get extended exposure. All you need to do is – click the “Edit” link from your post’s Publish widget and check the box that reads “Stick this post to the front page”. As the name suggests, it will “stick” the post to the top of your homepage; where it belongs.  

Screen Options

Screen Options extends the functionality of certain admin pages. This feature helps you toggle on and off different features of specific admin pages, including pages, posts, comments, widgets, menu, plugins, and more. You can see this option on the top-right screen of your admin panel.  

Next Page Tag 

You may have come across a situation where you need to split the page into different Web pages and implement pagination. To tackle this situation, you don’t need to have programming knowledge. All you have to do is:  

  • Open the post  
  • Click on the Text option from Visual/Text  
  • Select the place where you want to split the page  
  • Insert pagination and insert <!-nextpage->  
  • And you are done

Formatting Shortcuts  

You can use several formatting options on your WordPress website. Just type them directly into the visual editor and WordPress will auto-format for you. Here is the list of available shortcuts to date:  

  • # for h1 tags, ## for h2 tags, ### for h3 tags, and so on.  
  • * or – to start unordered lists.  
  • or 1) to start ordered lists.  
  • > for blockquotes.  
  • — for a horizontal line.  
  • `..` for code block.  

Show/Hide Widget  

You can show and hide the widget from your WordPress site. Sometimes you may want to show the widget at a particular time on your blog. Using this option, you can choose a widget to be shown on a particular category or page. Likewise, you can hide a widget as well.  


So now you are aware of these cool hidden features. It’s time to start using them. Do you know any other unknown hidden features of WordPress? comment below to help others. Also, share your feedback and views on this article. 

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