5 Best Website Designs to Get Inspired From

5 Best Website Designs to Get Inspired From

Creative block is the most common and can be an extremely frustrating situation for designers. This is a time where you face so much difficulty in generating creative ideas. 

The best solution for this is looking for inspiration that sparks the creative sparkle within you. But oftentimes you lack good resources to do that. 

To ease this task for you, we have curated some of the best websites that have aesthetic designs from which you can check out and get inspired from. 

01. Fei Luo Photography 

This Shanghai-based photographer, Fei Luo shows off her best work with a full-screen slideshow – which is the best way to put her best works front and center on the homepage of her photography website. This helps instantly draw the attention of potential clients or employers to her skills and expertise. The rest of the website is organized into categories. 

02. Invert Gallery 

Invert Gallery is a uniquely designed portfolio website of graphic designer Dayday Key. In this site, random text and collage-like images are layered one on top of each other and making a quirky yet most contemporary and exciting homepage with clickable imagery. The website breaks the common rule of placing a menu on the top. 

03. Sharon Radisch 

 Sharon Radisch, a Fashion, interior, and still life photographer shows us that sometimes, less really is more with her extremely minimalistic website. She uses whitespace to craft an elegant and stylish photography portfolio. Also, some of her works are randomly placed on her homepage in an eye-catching, asymmetrical composition. 

04. Brooke Cavallaro 

Brooke Cavallaro is a Sydney-based designer and art director. Her classic website layout with an unusual color palette showcases her unique style in an elegant manner. At the bottom of her site, you’ll find a section, which shows what she’s currently reading and listening to. This helps site visitors get to know her while showing that she has a broad spectrum of interests. 

05. Calvin Pausania 

Photographer, designer, and art director Calvin Puasania has the best minimalistic website. When you enter his site first, you will be displayed a full-screen video of his fashion videography. At the bottom of the page, an “ENTER” will guide you to enter his website. He shows his work in a fine category. 

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