15 Artistic Lettering examples to inspire you

15 Artistic Lettering examples to inspire you

Lettering is often confused with typography. While typography is a discipline for creating typefaces, lettering a form of art that creatively designs alphabetic letters (not fonts). 

Here I am showing 15 most beautiful artistic lettering examples to spark the inspiration in you. 

Lettering dips and sauces by Memo Vigil 

Lettering for Oprah Magazine by Erik Marinovich 

OKAY by James Lewis 

Neon lettering by Marc Urtasun 

Juicy by Michael Moodie 

Wolf Hall lettering book covers by Cyla Costa 

Procrastination Club by Thom Niessink 

Ramen sign by Sindy Ethel & Nik Ainley 

Faux paper lettering by Ann Chen 

Fresco mural by Franko 

Illustrated numbers by Nubikini 

Yes by José Bernabé 

Bad by David Milan 

Lettering mural by Ricardo Gonzalez 

Makeup powder lettering by Agustina Gastaldi Ferrario 

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