14 stunning Instagram posters for sale

14 stunning Instagram posters for sale

With an audience base of more than 1 billion, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for marketing. 

If you are owning a fashion brand, or food business, having your business account on Instagram is an essential digital marketing strategy. 

Occasionally, you may offer some discounts or sales to boost your business’s marketing. So, here are some Instagram post templates to promote your discount offers. 

1. Hurry Up Social Media Poster 

This minimalistic social media poster is a great way to promote your fashion store’s offers and discounts. It has all the potential to make your customers run to your store or online portal and make impulsive purchases. 

2. Big Saving Days Sale Social Media Post Template 

Festive Sale’s ahead? Make your promotions with this nice and elegant social media poster. It comes with a sleek design and fully customized structure. So, you don’t have to make and extra effort to alter it to suit your brand. 

3. Limited time offer ecommerce social media post template 

If you want to ignite a FOMO into your customer’s minds, this social media poster is an ultimate choice. This poster is an ideal option to promote your limited time offer on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

4. Festive collection e-commerce social media post template 

If you have a fashion brand and want to promote your discounts and offers, this social media poster would be a perfect choice. This ready-to-use poster has a sleek and minimal design that can be customized in less than a minute. 

5. Salon social media post 

In this pack, you get 5 mesmerizing social media posters that shines like a northern start on your follower’s feed. Meaning they can’t scroll up without noticing these posters. 

6. Social media post collection 

This social media poster is specifically designed for food and restaurant businesses. It has an elegant typography that complements the design. This poster comes with highly customizable design structure. 

7. Fashion Social Media Banner Post Template 

This fine collection of four social media posters can be used individually or together as a carousel. Apart from fashion business, this poster can multi-purpose template can be used for gadgets and accessory products as well. 

8. Urban Social Media Post 

This set of 6 social media banners are right for your fashion brand’s Instagram feed. These posters help you promote your offers and discounts in an elegant manner. 

9. Social Media Post 

With a dark and futuristic design, these social media posters perfect for fashion products like swimwear, footwear, and other fashion accessories. If you own a business in these fields, these posters are just perfect. 

10. Back to school 

Back to school is a nice social media poster that is specifically created for kid’s products. What makes this poster apart from other posters, is its minimalistic and bright design. 

11. Purple fashion sale poster 

This social media poster is a most suitable for fashion accessories. It has nice blue and white colored design with some sleek typefaces that match with and complements the overall look of this poster. 

12. Sale poster gradient 

This poster has some cool gradient design with minimalistic look. It comes with a stylish and modern typography that elegantly promotes your discounts and offers with lesser and concise wordings. 

13. Modern colors sale poster 

Modern Colors Sale Poster has nice patterns that draw your attention to the messages written in a center. This poster is an ideal choice to make your discount promotions. 

14. Fashion Sale Instagram Puzzle Template 

With modern and stylish typography and elegant design, this fashion posters will make your Instagram story more stunning. These templates are made for fashion and lifestyle brands. 

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