10 TED Talks on creativity and design

10 TED Talks on creativity and design

If you’re looking for ideas about design or seeking creative inspiration, TED talks can be worth watching. From the latest web trends to the meaning of happiness, these 15 Talks are sure to ignite your creative fire. 

01. John Maeda: How art, technology, and design inform creative leaders 

Old meets new as designers find balance among the possibilities of technology, the solutions of design, and the questions asked by art. Maeda explores these concepts with attention to how they can inform effective creative leadership. 

02. Don Norman: 3 ways good design makes you happy 

Design is about more than function. It’s also about form – how it looks, how it feels, how it evokes an emotion. These concepts play on a subconscious level, changing the way people think about their experiences. 

03. Margaret Gould Stewart: How giant websites design for you 

Websites that interact with huge markets such as Google and Facebook provide their own unique challenges shaped by the sheer size of the end product. Even the tiniest things matter and emotional and intuitive responses are just as important as the science of manipulating data for a positive user experience. 

04. Jinsop Lee: Design for all 5 senses 

Design is more than visual presentation. The best designs engage multiple sensations: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste because that’s how we interact with the world at large. 

05. David Carson: Design and discovery 

Communication is about more than words on a page. It is about the context that brings about an emotional response even before the words are read. To create that, we need to dig into our own intuition rather than simply thinking it through. 

06. Stefan Sagmeister: Happiness by design 

Happiness in design comes in two forms: that which brings happiness to the designer, and that which brings happiness to the user. Bringing both together creates truly great design. 

07. Paul Bennett: Design is in the details 

Design is not always about the big picture. Sometimes the most important elements are those that are so small they are often overlooked, yet can have big payoffs when addressed. 

08. Philippe Starck: Design and destiny 

A comedic look at the place of the designer in the “big picture” of society, reminding viewers that object design is not just about the object but about the ultimate result of that project. 

09. John Maeda: My journey in design 

A personal look into one man’s experience with creative development, in which he merges his mathematical and artistic talents with his love of creative design. 

10. Timothy Prestero: Design for people, not awards 

No matter how cool and interesting an idea might be, it doesn’t go far unless it addresses the myriad different potential scenarios of both use and purchasing. Ask yourself this: who is going to be the buyer of your product? 

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