10 Graphic Design Examples to Inspire Your Creativity

10 Graphic Design Examples to Inspire Your Creativity

Great design isn’t just a piece of art, it’s science actually. It realizes an idea in form of a visual representation. Moreover, it communicates an idea with its audience, while establishing a relationship with the design. 

This makes designing a complex and tiring process. Sometimes you may exhaust your creative ideas, and sit there with a blank screen. 

But inspiration doesn’t knock on your door and introduce itself. You have found it by observing the art created by other designers. 

To ease this process for you, we have curated 10 graphic design examples for designers like you, who wander here and there for creative inspiration. 

1. BFI Movie Festival Promotions by Kory Schulz 

The BFI Film Festival includes classic horror movies. which is why Kory Schulz included spooky illustrations of classic horror figures like Dracula, Frankenstein, and Frankenstein’s bride in her event branding for the festival. 

The designs are exact in encompassing the mood and feel of the genre. Kory won a GDUSA Award for this project.   

2. Hired by Anthony Wood 

This promotional is includes a kinetic logo and branding for the event “How to Get Hired in NYC.” The design reflects the theme, which is bringing clarity to the confusing topic. The designer Anthony Wood also won the GUDSA award for these designs. 

3. Digital Plant Identifying App by Becky Wood

This is a UI design of a unique app that identifies plants with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The app identifies the plant and provides tips on how to grow it and maintain it. 

Becky Wood illustrates a hierarchy that directs the viewer to move through the three levels of action. First, you have to take a picture of a plant. Then scan it and let AI recognize it. After that, the app shows you the features of the plant and tips. 

4. FLEUR by Judit Besze 

Judit Besze, a Hungary-based graphic designer displays a beautiful example of contrast by putting geometric shapes, text, and lines on a floral background. She creates additional depth through the hierarchy of these design elements. 

5. Vice Media’s Break the Ceiling Event by Ariana Louise Villegas 

This event promotional design shows repetition and plenty of white space to convey the message uniquely. 

Distorted typography is used to symbolize the freeing away from our millennia of unjust acts against women. 

6. Lighthouse Coffee Co. by Brandon Lee (Ernie Holiday) 

Brandon Lee uses contrast and repetition to highlight three varieties of coffee from different countries in this product package design.   

This graphic design example makes it clear that Lighthouse Coffee Co. produces quality coffee with diverse flavors from around the world.


7. The MTA Campaign by Jen Bishop 

white billboard mockup underground metro with escalator

The design uses bright, faded colors and a unified design for all posters and promotional materials. The use of low opacity texts draws viewers’ attention to each CTA. Designer Jen Bishop won a GDUSA Award for this design.  

8. Mondo Artisan Bread Mexico by Karla Lopez 

Karla Lopez demonstrates the power of contrasting colors and design by using geometric shapes. The contrast of the grey card with the white logo skillfully guides the viewer’s attention to the brand’s unique design. The cup features the same geometric design but with a logo in it. 

9. Imagine – Festival N°6 Identity by Jieli Wu 

This promotional design was created to make an identity for Festival N°6, an annual art, and music festival held in North Wales. The modern design and sleek typeface give the feeling of transcendence, same as music. 

10. SPAM Food Truck Festival Branding by Judy DeMarco 

Judy DeMarco was hired to rebrand SPAM – a company selling canned ham, to market it to millennials. The colorful typeface is very modernish and gives a feeling of a bit of quirkiness that appeals to adventurous, curious munchers. 


All these designs represent how innovative designers can be and help express a company’s purpose, core values, personality, and positioning. 

Would mind sharing your designs with us and other readers in the comment section? It will help us to in sparking inspiration. 

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