10 fonts that will be popular with designers in 2021

10 fonts that will be popular with designers in 2021

When it comes to delivering the right message without any text involved, we use certain colors that generate particular emotion. 

But with text, mere words don’t entirely describe this emotion, typography plays a major role in that. 

Old typefaces are becoming boring and monotonous, so some designers have experimented with typography and created beautiful fonts that are currently trending in the industry. 

This article features 10 such designers and their typefaces. 

1. Anguita Sans 

This font is designed by Sofia Mohr for Latino type. Anguita Sans is a typeface that belongs to the Sans Serif font family. 

This versatile typeface will be most suitable for titles and short lines of text, both in print and digital media. 

2. Jeko 

Created by Ellen Luff, this font is a redesigned form of Aventa. Jeko is a new geometric Sans Serif font launched in September. 

Jeko is an ideal choice for interface design, as it has a clean and elegant elementary shape and sharp sleek edges. 

3. Goldplay 

Goldplay is an evolved version of Isidora Sans, created by Enrique Hernández for Latino type. It has a nice friendly and expressive look. 

It is a good choice for headlines, logos, books, magazines and motion graphics. 

4. Versus 

Designed by Marcelo Moya Ochoa in January 2019, Versus is a typeface created to use with short and block text.  

its unique shapes make it ideal for branding and posters, including short text, isolated words, logos, and titles. 

5. Olivetta 

Olivetta is described by its founder, Los Andes, as an “ironic sans” that help designers harness the power of words as images. 

The lightest version works well for headlines while the intermediate version is ideal for continuous reading, and the heaviest versions are perfect for posters and short passages. 

6. Trust Sans 

Trust Sans is launched by Antonio Mejía for Latino-type Mexico. It is a typeface specially designed for corporate writings. 

This type face is perfect for editorial design, immersive text, corporate identity, branding and packaging. 

7. Breton 

Inspired by Boston, Breton is a geometric slab serif that’s great for headings and branding design.   

This type face was launched on March 2019, by Daniel Hernández and Rodrigo Fuenzalida for Latino type. 

8. Klose Slab 

A lovely vintage typeface from Studio Sun released in September 2020, Klose is Designed by Cahya Sofyan and is a good choice for logotypes, headlines, and display text.  

It comes with four styles (condensed, normal, semi expanded, and expanded) and is also available as a variable font. 

9. ITC Lubalin Graph 

ITC Lubalin Graph was designed by Herb Lubalin in 1974. It is an evolved version of Avant-Garde Gothic-type face. 

If you are not a designer, you will recognize these fonts as a typewriter font as it has a similar look as type-writer text. 

10. Sentinel 

Created by Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones for Hoefler & Co in 2009, Sentinel is a well-rounded font family with a clear and expressive design.  

Sentinel is best suited to use in designing data-heavy applications such as charts, tables, menus, and reports. 


These ten fonts are designed to use in your diverse projects, from mobile apps, websites, and other digital products to printable designs. 

If you know any other fonts like this, do share them with us in the comment section below. 

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