10 Design Hacks Every Designer Should Know

10 Design Hacks Every Designer Should Know

I have heard many people saying they don’t have that creative spark to create great designs. They live in denial that they too can design masterpieces. This lack of confidence results from unawareness of proper tools and improper knowledge of design hacks.  

In this article, I am going to explain ten such hacks which will immediately make you a pro.  

1. Decide a color scheme before starting to design  

Color schemes can be tricky. So, it is wise to ideate them in advance. This will better your understanding of color combinations and give you more clarity about your design.  

2. Add horizontal lines to add hierarchy  

Horizontal lines represent the depth and hierarchy in your design. It helps you emphasize a particular design element. So, using horizontal lines appropriately can magically enhance the appearance of your design.  

3. Use complementary fonts  

Typography has always been the subject of confusion. When we have to use two distinct fonts in one design, we can’t truly decide which pair of fonts will look nice together. For this, you can take the help of style guides or ask someone experienced.  

4. Sketch your design before starting  

Every idea looks masterpiece in mind, but when you realize it, sometimes it turns out as a design blunder. To save your efforts vanish into nothing, sketch your design on rough paper first. This way you will get an idea about how your idea will appear and you can improve your design if needed.  

5. Get inspiration from other designers  

To keep your stream of creativity flowing, you should regularly seek inspiration from other designers. Make a virtual stroll in your favorite designing blog or surf Pinterest or Behance for a minute or two. Find inspiration and start experimenting with your imagination.  

6. Use white space  

The major mistake beginners make is that they use tons of design elements in their design. This overwhelms and confuses the viewer. Keeping white spaces gives a clean look to your design and highlights what should really need to be highlighted.  

7. Apply subtle shadow  

Shadows work incredibly amazing when you apply them to add emphasis and depth to your design. Adding a subtle shadow to your design instantly elevates the quality of your design’s appearance.  

8. Experiment with shapes  

Simple bold shapes are key to convey your message clearly. You can use geometric shapes to get viewers’ attention to the element you are highlighting, you can create a pattern and make a background out of it, or you can just simply make use of them as a container.  

9. Keep the consistency  

Same as in every aspect of life, here too, consistency is most important. Consistency in design is nothing but using unified colors, patterns, and typography. So, when you create a design that expands beyond one page, make sure you are keeping it consistent throughout.  

10. Learn keyboard shortcuts  

This one is related to productivity. Knowing shortcuts of your designing tools and software helps you faster work on them, and yeah it is obvious fact but extremely helpful too. You may have to google them 2-3 times but will remember them afterward.  

And it’s a wrap  

Now don’t ever say you can’t design properly. Use these tricks and tips to enhance your design and keep doing better and better. Practice does make anyone a master.   

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